The First Week of Paleo: Recipe Ideas

We still have a lot to learn about eating Paleo, but I thought I would still share some links to the recipes that we tried last week. Eating healthy takes more time, but taking the time to plan and prepare meals makes them even more enjoyable.


Monday – Enchilada Chicken Stew with Avocado
 photo enchilada-stew2-610x300_zps44f48f0f.jpg

Tuesday –
Trader Joe’s Pre-Seasoned Pork Tenderloin (This was delicious and so easy! Highly recommend it!)
Oven Grilled Asparagus
Mashed Cauliflower
 photo mashedcauliflower_zpsef3fc0d0.jpg

Wednesday –
Jeremy’s Special Seasoned Burgers Without Buns (Secret Recipe. For now :-))
Cubed sweet potato with olive oil & seasonings
Fresh Watermelon
 photo 0B3CF586-2E67-4DF4-BE97-5724006759F7-2477-000002B0E2D89379_zps6cb189b6.jpg

Thursday –
Spaghetti Squash & Italian Sausage Meatballs with Spaghetti Sauce
Cubed sweet potato
 photo spaghettisquash_zps7022db1a.jpg

Friday –

Saturday –
Burgers, sweet potatoes, and watermelon again. It was just so yummy the first time.

Sunday –
Leftovers again.

Lunches –

For lunches, we mostly ate leftovers from our dinners and salads. I also boiled a few chicken breasts and we packed them with bbq sauce.

Breakfasts –

Most mornings, we enjoyed eggs and chicken sausage, and I made a smoothie with a variety of fruits and vegetables. Delicious AND nutritious. I also drank coffee with almond milk.
 photo 2380F45A-D7DD-4460-8D0C-1CFE359DAB4C-2477-000002B0F18FFA91_zps7941802d.jpg

Snacks and other treats –

We satiated our desire for something sweet with bits of all natural dark chocolate and Silk Dark Chocolate Almond Milk. We switched from cow’s milk to almond milk months ago, and this dark chocolate version was the perfect way to satisfy our sweet teeth after dinner.

An easy and delicious salty snack to munch throughout the day is Vegetable Root Chips. We love the Trader Joe’s version. It is a combination of vegetables like sweet potatoes, parsnips, taros, and batatas.
 photo CAA05C20-FA52-42E2-B1F7-3755170FECB0-2477-000002B0DF1F09DD_zpsed5da4a8.jpg

We also tried a recipe for Sweet Potato Chai Paleo “Muffins.” They were worth the try, and not half bad, but also, when you are used to regular muffins, these don’t make you want to jump up and down or anything. But they almost made me feel like I was eating carbs. And that says something.
 photo sweetpotatochai_zpsb827240c.jpg

Thanks to all of the other bloggers who have experimented with Paleo recipes and made our week easier. I hope this helps someone who wants to go on the journey as well!

 photo Signature_zps48867f61.jpg

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One Response to The First Week of Paleo: Recipe Ideas

  1. Hi Chandler! I google dairy free cauliflower purée and popped on the first link. Then when scrolling thru the reviews for any tips, I saw your blog name. :-). Too funny. It’s a small world even online!
    Natalie mcgehee

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