Our Wedding

We got married on July 1, 2012. It was documented as one of the top most wonderful days in history. True story.


I really enjoy weddings because of the covenant they represent, so I took a little time to document each aspect of our wedding day for my own sentimental value and your reading pleasure! Thanks for taking a look!

Jeremy & Chandler Part 1: Getting Ready
Jeremy & Chandler Part 2: The Ceremony
Jeremy & Chandler Part 3: My Groom
Jeremy & Chandler Part 4: The Reception
Jeremy & Chandler Part 5: Reception/Decor Details
Jeremy & chandler Part 6: The Honeymoon
Jeremy & Chandler Part 7: Style Me Pretty Feature

For my perspective on “Why My Imperfect Marriage is Better Than a Fairytale Ending”, see here.

And to learn a little bit more about my little side business of helping brides with their weddings, click here.

Stay tuned for more tips and tricks of wedding planning!


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