Our Home

 photo 2-FrontDoor2_zps56b2c378.jpg

We closed on our very first home on March 22, 2013. Here we will post all sorts of DIY projects and updates as we make this little ranch house into a home. Check back for more updates! Full Home Tour Coming Later In July!

Here is a rough sketch of the floorplan.

And some photos of the house before/when we moved in.

Here are a few room progress tours:
French-inspired all-purpose room
Living Room (Coming Soon!)

Here are a few of my favorite projects we’ve done so far:
Building a kitchen nook
Painting the kitchen nook
Mid-Century Teak Kitchen Chairs
Basement Updates – before & after
Floating Console Table
Chevron Chair Re-do
Painted & Stained Laminate – Two Toned TV Stand
Living Room Gallery Wall
Gold-dipped chair & table
Painted laminate mid-century desk
Giant Photo Frame Built Out Of Trim

I will post a full photo tour with before and afters once we have some more progress!



3 Responses to Our Home

  1. April Holliday says:

    I stumbled across your blog via facebook and enjoyed it so much that I read everything you have here! As a fellow Christian, big-time planner, and (Lord willing) future wife I found much inspiration.

  2. Rhonda Bedee says:

    And what fun it is for ME to stumble across a conversation of 2 lovely young women I know yet didn’t know they … know… each other. You know?!

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