A Pretty Little Patio

Ever since we moved into our home 2 and a half years ago, I have wished we had an outdoor living space. I love being outside, and we have a big beautiful yard here that we hardly ever get to utilize.

After considering building a deck which is too expensive at this point, Jeremy suggested converting part of the carport into a little sitting area. We are still able to park a car in the carport, and it’s been so nice to have a little place to sit outside and enjoy the weather…rain or shine!
 photo IMG_9895_zpshryncpuq.jpg

In order to convert it from a boring carport to a cute and functional space, we just did a little clean up. We powerwashed the floor and the concrete wall. Then I painted the half-wall with a light gray Drylok. We also added a gutter to the outside of the structure to allow the water to drain into the yard and keep everything dry during rainstorms. Last week, it rained for a week straight, and everything stayed pretty dry. Success!

We created two little spaces. A sitting area and a bistro table for eating.
 photo IMG_9930_zpsstmqbmzw.jpg
 photo IMG_9927_zpsaldjh51x.jpg

We found that adorable church pew at the Nashville Flea Market. It was taken out of a church in Evansville, IN. The coffee table was $5 at a yard sale, and I painted it with some homemade chalk paint. I already had both of the chairs hanging out around our house. I picked up the rug at Target, and the round spools were free on Craigslist.
 photo IMG_9914_zpskbnwc3zy.jpg
 photo IMG_9904_zps7eqm65b4.jpg
 photo IMG_9898_zpsgo4oihls.jpg

I think the best part is how cozy it is out there in the evenings with the cafe lights on.
 photo 5DB7E15C-C1CC-4E5B-B744-4620FFA0042D_zpsuwwd4luw.jpg

Now everyone is invited over for dinner and a long chat on the patio!


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