Lighter, Brighter Kitchen pt. 1: The Prep Work

When we first moved into our house, I knew from Day 1 that I wanted to paint the cabinets. Jeremy, however, said they were fine and just wasn’t convinced that painting them wouldn’t ruin them. Here is what they looked like…
 photo kitchentour2_zps419eb4ed.jpg
Overtime, however, both of our styles have evolved, and my sweet husband has realized that white cabinets would update and make the whole space look so much more like us. So, about a year ago we determined we would paint them. Then I have been putting it off because we renovated our basement and, well, painting them would be so much work and turn our whole kitchen upside down.

Why would I ever think that?
 photo KichenRemodelBefore1_zpsjlrdy2r0.jpg
 photo KitchenBefore6_zpsfacrix6f.jpg
 photo D780C58D-E2CA-49A1-8D24-AF2FA72DFCA3_zpsdaeygrsv.jpg
 photo 9D953B4E-AD5E-4B90-A4C2-96EC85F81DB5_zpscug92fsj.jpg
Yes, this is what our kitchen looked like last week. All those OCD readers, shield your eyes. And all the cabinet doors are hanging out on our guest beds drying after being sprayed. But, it is going to look so fantastic when it is done that it is worth a week of absolute chaos to get there.

So, here is what we are doing in the kitchen.

1. Painting all the cabinets “Cloud White” by Benjamin Moore
2. Removing the existing track light and installing recessed lighting
3. Installing pendant lights over the sink
4. Reinforcing the ceiling which was sagging from the old installation process
5. Repainting all the walls and ceiling
6. Installing open shelving for additional pantry storage and decorative storage
7. Adding shiplap to the kitchen peninsula on the living room side
8. Adding hardware to the cabinets

Here is what we would like to do someday.

– Replace the countertops with granite
– Install white subway tile backsplash
– Replace the microwave with a decorative range hood

I can’t wait to give you a full kitchen reveal in a few days when everything is complete! It’s going to be such a big transformation for our entire main living space! Here is a little sneak peek 🙂
 photo E2FA3D61-B3CD-4668-BF44-587A221CC0A1_zpsqx3irjxl.jpg

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