Basement Updates

It has been a long time since I updated you on the renovations in our basement. When I last left you, we had just finished our master bedroom–our biggest project yet. After we finished that room, we were sitting in our basement den and realized the room would become much more functional with the addition of a half wall, and armed with the skills Jeremy had recently acquired in electric wiring and wall building, we decided to build a mud room. We finished it to the point where it currently stands a couple of months ago. Then i painted the whole basement. Then I hated the color and painted it all again.
Here is a look head on before…
 photo IMG_9014_zpsv2suduwj.jpg
And after…
 photo Basementupdates1_zpszdb4iojm.jpg
Here is what the room used to look like from the studio room.
 photo IMG_5543_zps8d4837ce.jpg

And what it looks like now.
 photo Basementupdates6_zpsrquvzmnl.jpg
And here is what it looked like from the back wall when we bought it.
 photo 11-Basement_zpsdb68cb55.jpg
And now.
 photo Basementupdates5_zpsz3nenrwb.jpg
And a few more photos.
 photo Basementupdates9_zpssvvjmnw3.jpg
 photo Basementupdates7_zps0vyhpscv.jpg
 photo Basementupdates3_zpsn1fiumaa.jpg
 photo Basementupdates8_zpsqazsbode.jpg
This room is hard to take photos of because the natural light is minimal. But I think this gives you an idea. It is still very much a decorative work in progress. I have a lot of work to do to get it to the cozy space that I envision in my head.

Eventually this mudroom area will look something like this.
 photo mudroom1_zpsundgwukm.jpg
Imagine a stained built-in bench and some antique hooks I got at the flea market. I think it’s going to make this basement so much more functional!

Up next…more details on the shiplap process. Stay tuned!
 photo IMG_9020_zpsnko8ejio.jpg

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