2014 In Review

It’s a week into the new year, and I’m just now getting to writing this post. Because life is busy and change is coming. I love blogging, and soon (with the master bedroom nearing completion), I will have a lot more to say, but in the last couple months I have taken a step back from the blog, and it has been great.

But, a lot of good things still happened in 2014. More than I realized. So,  here are a few highlights.

I talked about what it’s like to be a road wife (one of my most shared posts).

We did a major basement bathroom overhaul.
 photo bathroom2_zps666fc83d.jpg

We celebrated two years of marriage, and I talked about dating habits that helped our marriage (another one of my most shared posts.)

We became pet parents.
 photo IMG_3015_zps0c99f98d.jpg

We put a new light in the kitchen.

We turned an old craigslist piano into a desk.
DIY Antique Piano Desk.

We did some temporary guest room updates.

We created a pallet wall for the office.
 photo office1_zps3f5e83a3.jpg

We had a lovely getaway to Chattanooga.

We renovated our master bedroom (which will soon become a guest room).
Steven Alan Golden Gate Duvet from West Elm

We did some bench reupholstery.

We built a new industrial coffee table.
Industrial Coffee Table - All Precious & Pleasant

We added Roman shades to our kitchen.
 photo kitchentour1_zps22f6cdd1.jpg

We updated our laundry room.

We decorated the house for Fall.

We went to England and spent time in London and the Northeast.
 photo england19_zps6b24574f.jpg

We hosted our annual fall party.
 photo 44399F08-E086-4793-B6E9-AB5094DBF9ED_zpsqgeyryjp.jpg

We started our garage to master bedroom renovation. Our biggest undertaking yet!

We decorated our house for Christmas and took Christmas card photos.
 photo ChristmasTour5_zps77796f43.jpg

It’s looking like 2015 holds bigger reveals and greater adventures than 2014, and I’m excited to get started!

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