Laundry Room Update & Clipboard Art Frames for $3 or less!

Sometimes I try complicated and time consuming projects. Sometimes I spend less than 3 dollars on 2 “frames” and update my laundry room with paint I already have. And I feel great about it.

Our laundry room is a windowless little nook with low ceilings and an awkward shape in the basement. And it has looked pretty dire since we moved in.
 photo laundrybefore_zps7438c3a8.jpg
 photo laundry1_zps19745846.jpg

So Jeremy used some wood leftover from tearing down closet doors in the former garage  to build some shelves above the washer/dryer which automatically upped our storage game.
 photo laundryafter_zps468d5023.jpg
I used some leftover paint from the bathroom remodel (Gibraltar by Sherwin Williams) to paint a little accent wall.

Then I created the cheapest art ever!

I bought two clipboards at Walmart for less than $3 combined, and I used the existing tab on top to hang them on the wall like frames. Then I clipped up some art printables I got online. And they are so easy to interchange seasonally or for whatever I want!
 photo laundry2_zps42f480b8.jpg
 photo laundry3_zps9a52e19a.jpg
The “Be Brave” print came from Etsy. I bought it for decorating my cubicle at work!
purchase your own printable here!
 photo cubicle_zps57df1a0e.jpg

The cute laundry print was a free printable.
Download your own here! 

 photo laundry4_zps31abf346.jpg
 photo laundry6_zps6f370a8e.jpg

This super quick and easy update makes this a much nicer place to do laundry! I would love to find a colorful rug and install some more permanent shelving on the left side wall. Signature

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