Things Are Looking Up

Thanks to all of you who put in your two cents about what color I should paint the ceiling in our bedroom.

I sort of ignored every suggestion and painted it white.

I know, sounds boring, right? But, ah, I’m already loving it.

You see, our house was bought by a contracting company after a foreclosure in 2009 before the previous owners purchased it, and they did pretty much all the renovations to the place…including some silly ceiling height choices in the basement, weird placement of electrical outlets in the guest room, and painting all the walls and ceilings in the main floor a light shade of tan. Man, this before is not good. I still have so much work to do in this room!
House Tour - All Precious & Pleasant

Why tan ceilings? Ugh.

The tan walls were not my style…but a neutral. I get it. But could you not have painted the ceilings white like most people do? I have just been living with it, and the warm gray that we put in the main space makes the ceiling almost blend in, but in the bedroom, the cool gray (Stonington Gray) against the tan ceiling was making me twitch. So, I thought it needed color, but then I realized I wanted the room to feel bigger and brighter and I didn’t want the ceiling to be a focal point.

So, duh. It needed to be white. And I didn’t realize how bad the tan ceilings were until white took over.

I’d never painted ceilings before. Ouch, my back.

This is what the color was before…
 photo ceiling1_zps37a7193e.jpg

Then I took out most stuff and covered everything with cheapo painting tarps and cute kittens who photobomb everything.
 photo ceiling2_zpsf5e2b595.jpg

Then I rolled most of the ceiling and used my a 2″ angled brush around the edges.
 photo ceiling6_zps6446b291.jpg

And now… the color is White Dove by Benjamin Moore color matched to Olympic One ceiling flat paint.
 photo ceiling9_zps2f8f7e84.jpg

Doesn’t it just make everything feel brighter and better??

I can’t wait to show you the whole bedroom once it is done! I have several projects in the works…including a DIY fix for a silly boob light, new curtains and blinds, shelving, etc. Oh and repainting those newly painted nightstands. Oops.

Also, look at that Dash & Albert Rug? Eeeks. Garage sale find for…get this..$50. I know. Love. Hearts. Swoon.
 photo ceiling10_zpsc784a162.jpg


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