Aged Gold Terra Cotta Pot

Monday of this week, we had our first (and probably last) ice/snow day of the winter that kept me home from work all day. It was the perfect time for some much needed R&R, and when I drove to work the next day with the view of the frosted trees on the Tennessee hills, I felt like I might be saying goodbye to Old Man Winter for the season. The temps are creeping up into the 50s and 60s, and it looks like they just might stay there. After my answered prayer of just one “snow” day, I’m ready to bid adieu to the cold and hello to springtime.

Spring is definitely starting to bud, and I am so excited about plants. Flowers, ferns, bushes, trees. Bring on the green, God. We are ready.

So as I scoured my brain for a good weekend/snow day craft using stuff I had around the house, I decided to welcome Spring by painting a spare Terra Cotta pot. The process was so simple and cheap, and I already love the vintage, worn look of the aged gold and white.

This was done in just a few simple steps.

1. Clean the pot with warm soapy water. Pots hold plants, and plants live in dirt. And dirt is…well…dirty. So your pot is probably dirty. Give it a quick good scrub. Unless it is new. Then you can still scrub if you want…but you may not have to.
 photo pot2_zps7fa53d54.jpg

2. Sand. Like the sandpaper sand. Not the dirty kind of sand. Although sanding is dirty. But not like the dirt from the flower.
 photo pot3_zpsc63f655e.jpg

I used 150 grit and gave it a nice rub to rough it up and help the paint stick.

3. White wash. I used a roughly 50/50 solution of water and white paint that I had sitting in the garage. Here is another tutorial on white washing. I just brushed on the paint with a sponge brush…all in the same direction. After this step, it will probably look a little streaky. That is totally fine.
 photo pot5_zpsb034a5aa.jpg

4. Sand again. This will give it the aged look. I debated leaving it like this, but opted to move onto step #5.
 photo pot6_zpse34bba7a.jpg

5. Gold Glaze. I used the Martha Stewart Glaze from Home Depot. This sheer gold was the perfect overlay for the white washing. Two coats gave it a shimmer that mixes modern with vintage. Lovely. I also left the white rim up top for a two-toned effect.
 photo pot1_zps6e4d9e05.jpg

Voila! I can’t wait to find a fern or some other houseplant to put inside. Crossing my fingers I can keep it alive.

Are you doing any springtime crafts lately?


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One Response to Aged Gold Terra Cotta Pot

  1. jackie says:

    Beautiful, Chandler! It reminds me that I once had a spring pot painting party for a few friends. We each painted a few pots (some terra cotta, some of those compressed foam types). I provided the paints, and we flowered, vined, sponged, and brushed away. It’s a great spring kid’s birthday party activity as well, then everyone plants their seeds or small flowers. I predict you’ll write on this in a few years! 😉

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