Drawing Our Home

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 photo drawing6_zps28c82275.jpg
I have been wanting a custom home drawing ever since we bought our house, and there are lots of artists on Etsy who specialize in just that. Someday, perhaps, I will spend the money on one of those for something a little bit more professional, but for now, I decided to try my hand at doing one myself.

I’ve always loved to sketch things…even as a little girl. In fact, I found these drawing from when I was about 12 years old in an old sketchbook the other day. These are my renditions of Mary Lennox from The Secret Garden and Little Orphan Annie.
 photo drawing2_zpsb6f62c0c.jpg

I have improved a bit since then, but I still rarely pull out my drawing pencils. This little project, however, reminded me of how calming and therapeutic sketching can be. Maybe I will try it more often.
 photo drawing4_zpsd861a24f.jpg

I’m not great with drawing people or drawing from my imagination, so copying a picture of a house was a good project for me. Clean lines and no faces.
 photo drawing3_zps288d0544.jpg

As a reminder, here is what the house looks like.
 photo 1-Frontofhouse1_zps78a61466.jpg

And here is what I came up with in the end. I just outlined everything in pencil and then colored in with colored pencils. I would like to someday try pen and ink or maybe even watercolors.
 photo drawing1_zpse80c9f3a.jpg

It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s our home. Now, I need to find a perfect place for it.

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