Living Room Updates

Piece-by-piece, little-by-little, the parts are coming together in our living room! I recently made a couple small changes and thought I would do a quick highlight!

After my new nightstand refinishing project, I needed to find a space for our old nightstand, and it found the perfect home in the space between our living room and kitchen nook!
living room tour

Vignette cost:
– Small Dresser: Free (already owned)
– Mirror: $20 (Flea Market)
– Books: Free
– Candle: Free
– Gold Vase: $3 (Garage Sale)
– Bird Cage: Already owned (from our wedding decor)
– Flowers: Several years old…I don’t remember what I paid.

So $23. That’s pretty good.

We also added a Jute Rug to our space. I have been anxious for a rug since we moved in, but I have gone back and forth on whether we needed one. I got some birthday money and decided it was time. I think I looked at just about every neutral area rug on the world wide web. My requirements were:
– Must be 6×9 (a difficult size to find everywhere)
– Would prefer a natural rug
– Would prefer some variation in color
– Must be under $150
– Must be relatively soft

After quite a bit of research, I realized that Jute would be my softest option and have the look I wanted. I looked all over the web and at a few stores, and it was a bit of a challenge to find something that fit all the descriptors.

Finally, I found this rug at It came in just the right size, was just the look I was going for, and with the $50 off coupon code they were running, it came in at $119 with free shipping. The perfect price! I also read great things about the expediency and quality from Natural Area Rugs. So I took the plunge and pressed the button.

And in just a few days, I unrolled our rug, and it was love! The perfect way to warm up the space just in time for the cooler months.
living room tour
living room tour

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