Welcome & May Richer Fuller Be Feature

If you are visiting from May Richer Fuller Be, welcome! Keep reading for some more details on finding your way around my blog!

Good Morning, friends! I’m excited to announce a guest feature today on May Richer Fuller Be. The voice and creative mind behind that space belongs to Chaney, and we have gotten to know each other a little bit through blogging. Be sure to visit her blog and enjoy browsing through all her amazing project and organization ideas! Today, you can also pick up a FREE PRINTABLE of a meal planning chart from none other than ME! So, head on over there to find out more and get your meal planning chart!

 photo mayricherfullerbe_zps06535c86.jpg

If you are visiting All Precious & Pleasant for the first time, thanks for coming over! Be sure to check out my House Tour to get an overview of the projects we have done in our home! Here are a few of my favorites and the most viewed by my readers:

Laminate TV stand Before & After
Stenciled Hallway Before & After
Chevron Thrift Store Chair Makeover
Built In Banquette
Hanging Vintage Plates Without Plate Hangers
A One-Year Box of Dates for my Husband

Check out the menu tabs for more on weddings, our life, and to learn a little more about the voice behind the blog! I would absolutely love to hear from you. Leave a little comment and let me know you were here!


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