our first apartment tour

Jeremy and I were able to buy a house within 9 months of being married, but the first 9 months were spent in a humble little two bedroom apartment. My style wasn’t defined at all, my color scheme was default based on the things that we had been given during college, and 90% of our furniture was hand me downs (let’s be real…it still is). I decorated in about a week and I would certainly make different choices now…even a year later, but it was home and it was love. We jam packed so many memories into this space. I cried when we left…even though the next phase of life was so exciting.

When we first moved in together after the honeymoon, I had already been living there for a couple of weeks, and I wrote a letter and a prayer for each room of the apartment and had Jeremy read each one as we prayed over each room and our life there.

Here is the room where we lived most of our life. I already miss having a fireplace; we used it so much in the fall and winter. We love hosting people, and at one point I think we had about 15 people crammed into this tiny room for a game night.
apartment tour
apartment tour
Here is where we ate the first meals we cooked as a married couple. Some were good.
apartment tour
Here is where I spilled flour everywhere when cooking that first meal and where we tried to cook side by side but usually failed because it is so tiny.
apartment tour
Here is our little room.
apartment tour
apartment tour
Here is our bathroom.
apartment tour
Here is where we made music and hosted guests and read books. That couch is now in our living room.
apartment tour
And here is our little porch. Jeremy loves cafe lights. I do too. Even though we were just in an apartment, we had a lovely private view of the woods.
apartment tour

I’m embarrassed by how bad these photos are! But it is still fun to take a look back in time!


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