Flea Market Finds

As I mentioned in my previous post about gardening and green thumbs, my mom paid me a wonderful visit last week. There are 14 long hours dividing me from my family, and as much as I love our home in Tennessee, that is the one thing I would change.  My mom is the ultimate encourager and helper as I start my little journey as wife and homemaker. If you know her, you know she is a light to everyone she touches.
I’m getting mushy.

So, we spent our whole weekend laughing, talking, gardening, and SHOPPING! For home things. Discounted, of course. She is an expert at discount shopping, and I like to think I have inherited part of that gene.

If you live in Nashville (or anywhere close), and you have never been to the Flea Market at the Tennessee State Fair Grounds, remove whatever you have scheduled for the fourth weekend of this month and replace it with a trip to the Flea Market. You will thank me.

My mom and I spent over three hours shopping til we dropped, and I still think we barely saw half of what was there. It was unreal. We could have spent all day there.

There are inside booths, outside booths, and too many pavilions like this for me to count.
 photo fleamarket1_zpsb52b50ed.jpg
People sell antiques, crafts, art, food, and lots of weird, cheap things like generic shampoo and paper plates and weird plastic squishy things shaped like eyeballs. I just avoided those.

I spotted some really neat things, and I had to keep a tight grip on my wallet to keep from buying way more than I did.
 photo fleamarket2_zpscefdfda7.jpg
 photo fleamarket4_zpsa7b171ca.jpg
 photo fleamarket3_zpsa381e9be.jpg

But I did walk away with a few really great finds which means projects are on the way.
 photo IMG_1445_zps5042d155.jpg
Window pane: $5
Ikat Bath Mat: $12
Vintage Mid-Century Ottoman: $15
Shabby Chic Side Table: $16
Vintage Ginger Ale Storage Crate:$17
Total: $65

I practiced my bartering a bit and was able to save some money, but I think it will take a few more trips to the flea market to really hone those heckling skills 🙂

The bath mat found a home in the basement guest bath, and I love the way the storage crate combines style and functionality as a home for misfit things in our living room.
bath mat
 photo IMG_1448_zps555280b8.jpg

The rest of the pieces will be used in the office transformation which is currently underway. Keep an eye out for updates coming soon!

Happy Wednesday!


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3 Responses to Flea Market Finds

  1. Lee Brady says:

    Flea market/garage sale finds are the best!! Estate sales are fun, too, but usually pricier. My mom went to a single estate sale 3 times last weekend. She spent nearly $200 and she says most of it is for me for Christmas. I can hardly wait!! We love sharing how little we spent on all our treasures. Most people think that’s tacky. But the joy on our faces when someone opens a treasure and we see a 25 cent price is just too awesome!!!

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