A Lot On My Plate: How To Hang a Vintage Plate Wall Without Plate Hangers

vintage plate wall without plate hangers
I love the juxtaposition of modern, rustic, vintage, and classic in home decor. That’s why I thought a classic white plate wall would be the perfect accent above our kitchen banquette with industrial table and mid-century modern chair set.

I collected white plates of all shapes and sizes from thrift stores, yard sales, and Home Goods. But here’s the thing: plate hangers get expensive quickly. And when I spent an average of 2 bucks per plate, it wasn’t worth it. So, I did some research on how to hang plates without purchasing plate hangers, and I discovered Gorilla glue.
 photo IMG_5889_zpsb6352125.jpg


And I had already scheduled this post, so I took it down and went to the store to get some super glue. Real life. So, try super glue and some picture hangers.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers
I planned out the picture wall using paper towels and a sharpie.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers
Trace the plates on the paper towels and cut to size. Then mark on the paper towel where the nail should go based on the hanger on the back.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers
Then you can hang your paper towel forms on the wall and hammer the nails where the sharpie dots are.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers
Tip: hammer the nails in at an angle to make the plates less likely to fall off the wall.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers
And there you have it.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers
Here are a few tips to making an interesting white plate wall:

– Don’t be afraid to add in a small touch of color with a white plate wall. I chose one plate with blue flower accents and a platter with a silver rim.
– Choose plates with a variety of sizes and shapes
– Don’t hang the plates symmetrically. You only live once. Change things up a bit.
– It’s ok to mix cream with white.

Who came up with the idea to hang plates on a wall anyway? I don’t know but I like it.
vintage plate wall without plate hangers

update: See how the plates are holding up after several months of use!
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13 Responses to A Lot On My Plate: How To Hang a Vintage Plate Wall Without Plate Hangers

  1. Lisa E says:

    Hmmmmmmmmm, haven’t heard of this method. Heard of hot glue and paperclips but I like the idea of superglue much better! Will have to try. Again another project I’ve procrastinated on. The plates are just sitting in my office waiting to go up. Maybe it’s because my project to do list is to long and I keep adding to it. Ahhhhhhhh!!! Looks great, though!

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  3. My plates are family heirlooms so I may go back to the plate hangers, but I’ll keep this in mind.


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  6. Maria says:

    I am about to hang my plates and can’t decide the method… I am not going to pay 4 bucks for each iron hanger… I have over 20 plates!
    Is the super glue still working for you? 🙂

  7. Chayoma says:

    I have this bare wall in my kitchen, now I know what to do with it… I hope the super glue holds up!

    • Suzanne Johnson says:

      I used command. Heavy duty command. Didn’t work. Fell off within a month. Next, I used Gorilla glue and glued picture hangers to back of plate. Would not adhere. Thirdly, I used Super Glue trying same thing with picture hangers on back of plate. Stayed up for about 6 weeks, only to crash to the floor making me very sad. I live in Tampa at Florida and we’ve had rain non-stop for months. Maybe its the humidity. I’m trying E6000 next.

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  9. betty says:

    I just found your blog and this post. I love the idea of gluing a hanger on the back of a plate. However, my go-to glue is E-6000. I use it for everything, even for arrangements/decor I place in the graveyard and it holds up to any and all weather . . . snow, 100-degree sun, high winds, etc. Once, I attached a ceramic plate to a dowel, inserted it in the arrangement and it never moved or broke in a three-month period. What do you think about E-6000’s holding power?. Thanks, Betty

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