Jeremy & Chandler Part 6: The Honeymoon

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! Last year on this day, we were honeymooning in Mexico. So to celebrate…a tribute to the honeymoon.

After months of wedding planning and the most wonderful and exhausting day of your life comes to an end, God’s gift to couples is this lovely thing called a honeymoon.

Whether it’s spent in the mountains, by the beach, in Europe, at Disney World, or simply a stay-cation at home, honeymoon week has been statistically proven to be one of the best weeks of all time for couples around the globe.

You can finally just be married. No fuss. No answering questions. Just two people.

It was a week of firsts for Jeremy and me. First sleepover…and all stuff that goes along with that. First vacation together. First time out of the country together. First all-inclusive resort for either of us. First time waking up next to each other. First time to truly be alone for more than a few hours–even in 3.5 years of dating. Even if we had been at home for a week, it would have been great, but the fact that we got to go to a romantic resort in Mexico made it even better.
 photo IMG_0844_zps8b7cb2b1.jpg
We stayed at Secrets Maroma Beach in the Riviera Maya. We loved our room…
 photo IMG_0828_zps1ac60e65.jpg
 photo IMG_0834_zps4e5c44eb.jpg
We went cave snorkeling, zip lining, and rappelling.
 photo IMG_0973_zps23a4e889.jpg
 photo HoneymoonSnorkeling_zps0265cd4f.jpg
And we saw the Mayan ruins at Tulum. As a lover of history, this was definitely a highlight for me.
 photo IMG_0936_zps52b3200a.jpg
We played tennis every day. And went sea kayaking. And tried our arms at archery.
 photo IMG_1014_zpsa0ec20ca.jpg
And we lounged by the beach while friendly waiters brought us food and drinks.
 photo IMG_0853_zps1d73812a.jpg
We bravely fought off giant-sized iguanas.
 photo IMG_0934_zpsea48c86b.jpg
We got dressed up and ate completely delicious four course dinners every night. The bill was already paid for, so we really felt like we were getting the special treatment when we were never presented with a check.
 photo IMG_0996_zpsbb2baebc.jpg
 photo IMG_0868_zpsecbee568.jpg
Then we came back to our room and watched movies and ordered ice cream room service. Every night.

I remember lounging in the pool one night after dinner and saying to Jeremy, “This really is magical.” I meant it. The perfect balance of play and relaxation. And we only argued once at which point I huffed off to the balcony and shed a few self indulgent and sulky tears because of something completely ridiculous. Typical. But then we made up and got back to being blissful. Real talk.

Here’s to many more lovely trips to come in the future. Vacations together are the

We would not have had such a great honeymoon without an amazing travel agent who made the planning so simple. She took great care of us! Be sure to check out Carlie Finch at 2 Travel Anywhere, LLC!

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