$25 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway

Congratulations! The winner for this contest is Lindsey! Thanks to all who entered!

 photo etsygiveaway_zps4712d5c6.jpg

I love Etsy. It’s like a way cooler, easier, trendier version of a craft fair. There really is something for everyone. For brides planning weddings, Etsy is a great source for unique wedding related products.

Since this is wedding week on the blog, I decided to offer my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY: a $25 gift card to Etsy. Even if you aren’t planning a wedding, Etsy offers great selection of products from vendors of all types for men and women.

So, here’s how you enter:

1. Follow My Blog. Directly to the right underneath the “About Me” photo, there is a box that allows you to follow my blog. If you use wordpress, you can follow directly via wordpress, but if not, you can easily follow via email. I don’t send silly spam or bombard your inbox. You just get a notifications when I post something new! You must be a follower to win. If you already follow, skip this step.

P.S. It would also be awesome if you “liked” my blog on Facebook. You don’t have to do that to enter the contest, but it is a great way to stay connected! Click Here for that page.

2. Comment and tell me what you like best about weddings. Maybe you love watching the groom’s face when the bride walks down the aisle. Maybe you hate weddings and your favorite part is leaving at the end. Either way, comment and let me know! Don’t be discouraged if your comment doesn’t show up right away. I approve each one!

3. Wait to win! I will announce the winner via random selection next Wednesday! Entries will be accepted through 11:59pm on Wednesday, June 10.

4. Buy something awesome on Etsy. If you win, that is.

Here are a few of my favorite things under $25 right now.

If I were planning a wedding, I might purchase…

wedding on etsy

1. Mr. & Mrs. Cake Topper – $19.99
2. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Handkerchief – $22
3. Custom Hanger – $19.95
4. Succulent Boutonnieres – $22

But because I typically spend my money on my home, I have my eye on…
 photo homestuff_zpsfd0425dd.jpg

1. Green Ikat Pillow – $24
2. Ty Pennington Pillow Cover – $25
3. Handmade Porcelain Mug – $24
4. Vintage Mint Light Switch Cover – $16
5. Heavy Duty Vintage Wood Cutting Board – $20

And if I were a man…or if I was just shopping for Jeremy…
 photo manstuff_zpse0666063.jpg

1. Wood Texture iPhone Case – $18
2. Cole Haan Herringbone Wallet – $25
3. Leather Watch – $16.99

So sign up to follow my blog and leave your comment! Thanks for entering my first giveaway!


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29 Responses to $25 Etsy Gift Card Giveaway

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  2. Abigail says:

    My favorite part about your wedding and any other wedding I’ve been to is seeing the joy on everyone’s faces. Especially the bride and goom!!!

  3. hannahlpage says:

    I love weddings. As you know we’ve been playing wedding planner since we were about 7. And although I do love a good party, I would have to say my favorite part about weddings is the ceremony and the symbolism behind it! Two lives joining together, representing the love of Christ and his church. I loved how perfectly you, Jeremy, and everyone involved in your wedding displayed the sanctity and the beauty of marriage through your wedding ceremony! I soaked up every minute!!

  4. hannahlpage says:

    I love weddings bad you know we’ve been playing wedding planner since we were about 7. And although I do love a good party, I would have to say my favorite part of a wedding would have to be the ceremony and the symbolism behind it. Two lives coming together as one, representing the love of Christ for his church. You, Jeremy, and everyone involved in your wedding displayed the sanctity and beauty of marriage so well through your ceremony! I soaked up every minute!!

  5. Lauren finch says:

    I absolutely love watching the grooms face!! The love in his eyes when he first sees his bride. The purity in that moment is my favorite. It is such a beautiful picture of when we go home to heaven and see Christ’s face, the purity and joy in that moment like a bride and a groom on their wedding day!

  6. shadowdancerx says:

    I actually do like weddings. Not so much for the ceremony although that part is nice. But I just love the party after. Its fun to mingle with people and talk. I get to meet new people and then also talk to some I rarely get to see.

  7. sarah grace says:

    i love the reception! dancing and celebrating with friends and family is the best! it’s so fun to be with a group of people who are all there to love and support the same special people!

    i’m following you through bloglovin,,,,,does that count?! love this giveaway! and your sweet blog!

    xo, sarah grace

  8. Emily Kohn says:

    I’m in the middle of planning Dain and I’s wedding, and I’ve loved almost every moment of the planning process 🙂 We have decided not to see each other before the ceremony. I’m so excited for that moment when we see each other for the first time as I’m walk towards him. I think my favorite part about weddings is the big reveal. Whether you choose to have a special moment before where you do or don’t see each other, or nothing before the wedding, it is such a special moment. I know people love seeing the grooms face, but love seeing how the bride and groom respond to each. I love weddings in general, but especially that moment and the moment that the bride and groom make their commitment to each other.

    I love reading your blog btw!!

    Emily Kohn

  9. Weddings, weddings, I just love them! I think my favorite part is seeing the love that the bride and groom have for one another. It’s just so sweet and exciting to watch two people commit themselves to each other and to God!

    Speaking of weddings, yours was gorgeous. Between your blog and facebook I’ve seen lots of pictures from your wedding, but I never get tired of them!

  10. LunaRaven says:

    I’m always interested to see what the cake looks like, especially with how advanced cake decorating is nowadays.

  11. I love watching the first dance, and just observing the bride and groom throughout the night. A couple who has put all their time, efforts, and months of patience into being joined together, finally has what they’ve been waiting for! Also, who doesn’t love a good reception : )
    We love your blog. Big fans. Hope to meet someday.

  12. Krista W. says:

    What a great giveaway, thank you! As you know… those of us planning weddings are usually strapped for cash. 🙂 I’m in the middle of planning a destination wedding right now and this would be amazing! I’m following you on wordpress and over at bloglovin (kwandcm).

    My favorite thing about weddings is the way they bring families together. 🙂

  13. Brooke M. says:

    My favorite part about a wedding is that father of the bride walking his daughter down the isle. It always looks like such a sweet memorable moment between them! It was for me 🙂

  14. ashley8324 says:

    I love watching the bride and groom get emotional!

  15. Haley says:

    I love watching the groom look at the bride for the first time that day. It’s just so sweet.

  16. Chaney says:

    I love weddings too! I always look at the groom when the doors first open 🙂 – priceless!

  17. I love watching the father of the bride give her away…it’s the best compliment a dad can give to the man that his daughter loves.

  18. Rachael Schleicher says:

    I love seeing people you haven’t seen in a long time and catching up over such a joyous event! Weddings bring people together, in more ways than one 🙂

  19. Lauren McHaney says:

    My favorite part of a wedding is a dinner and dance reception. I love how weddings bring old friends together, and how eating and dancing is such a tangible way to celebrate together.

  20. Abby 89 says:

    …when the dad gives his baby girl away. it gets me. every. single. time.
    The most fun part of weddings for me is to watch how the bride and groom interact with each other throughout the night 🙂

    You’re doing a really great job with your blog, Chandler!

  21. alaine says:

    I follow! I love when the groom sees the bride for the first time 🙂

  22. Victoria says:

    I love seeing all of the details at weddings! Your wedding was lovely! I also love seeing the wedding cakes 🙂

  23. graceinman says:

    I love it when the couple writes their own vows & at the reception I love a good band that gets everyone dancing! bowlesgt@gmail.com

  24. Lindsey says:

    I like the buildup as the bride gets ready to enter. The chiming of the bell, everyone stands, the music gets louder, and then everyone cranes their necks to get a glimpse of the beautiful bride and her dress. Of course, everything else is great, but that’s one of my favorites!

  25. Amy Diaz says:

    My favorite part of weddings is hearing the music the bride and groom selected for the ceremony (assuming its not the traditional wedding march!). I feel like it speaks more about the bride and groom as to who they are and sets the tone for the rest of the wedding. We picked our music and now realize that we couldn’t have picked a more perfect group of songs to tell our story. And, I feel like I should be completely honest, my other favorite part is the cake, hands down. 🙂

  26. Dancer says:

    I love weddings, but I think my favorite part is actually the preparation. All the anticipation and excitement is infectious. Planning and running around like crazy people until 5 minutes before the ceremony is just so energized and awesome.

  27. thopper39 says:

    The first dance is my favorite! I love seeing what the couples song is going to be and then daydreaming about what song I would dance to at my wedding. I love how beautiful that moment between the newlyweds can seem! I rarely tear up during a ceremony, but get me to a reception and announce the bride and grooms first dance and let the waterworks begin!

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