Exactly What We Needed…

We spent last week in Panama City Beach. Most of the week was spent hanging out with high school students from my home church in Texas at high school camp. Then we finished the week off with a little husband/wife getaway weekend at the Wyndham Bay Point Resort.

Selfishly…I was nervous about the week because I have been a little worn out lately, and I thought camp might just be more exhausting than relaxing. But, God knows what He is doing. It was the perfect week and exactly what I needed spiritually, emotionally, and relationally.
Some of our dearest friends left Nashville to serve in Houston at my home church, and we loved spending time with them this week. I know they will be lifelong friends, and it’s awesome to see God using them exactly where He wants them!
 photo camp1_zpseeac6c0c.jpg
I also got to see my sisters. I am privileged to also call them best friends. They seriously rock.
And we got to go to prom.
 photo camp2_zps1da898b9.jpg
And I had an awesome team of students. Go roadrunner.
The Lord completely opened up my heart and taught me so many things about myself and about serving him and giving up control. It was so refreshing.

Then we enjoyed some much needed alone time after 15 days without it. We stayed at the beautiful Bay Point Resort. Other than Jeremy playing golf and a few outings to ocean side restaurants for meals, we pretty much did nothing but lay around and work on our tans.
 photo camp3_zps2723d954.jpg
 photo camp4_zps242e9f01.jpg
After spending 10 days apart for Jeremy’s job and 5 days at camp with zero alone time, we were a little rusty on the whole loving each other selflessly thing. The few days at the beach were the perfect time to work through some issues, say what we needed to say, and come out on the other end stronger and reminded of why marriage is great.

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