The Office Dreaming & Scheming

I have alluded several times to the plans I am currently making for our office space. Well, they are still merely plans. This is what the room looks like today.
office mood board

Pretty uninteresting, huh?

So, I figure if I put into writing what I plan to do with the space, it will hold me accountable to making these dreams a reality.

Here are a few goals for the space:
– Create a functional yet stylish room that is a quiet retreat for Jeremy to study for seminary
– Incorporate masculine touches while still keeping it light and airy.
Purchase a mantel for decorative warmth and coziness and fill it with stacked logs or brick.
– Paint our existing laminate bookshelf
– Add architectural interest in some way–whether it be a plank wall, decorative ceiling tiles, etc.
Find a desk
Purchase an arm chair
– Other accessories to keep an eye out for: rug, lamp, ottoman or pouf, curtains, mantel decor
– replace ceiling light

Here is my thrown together mood board to give you an idea of my color scheme and some of the pieces I already have.
office mood board
The mantel and arm chair were recent bargain finds. The arm chair is from Essex Bargain Hunt (a scratch-and-dent/overstock store) and it was a heck of a deal, and the mantel is a beautiful antique piece that I scored on Craigslist. You’ve already seen my painted garage sale desk.

I am now on the hunt for a rug and some accessories, and I hope to replace the current boob light situation with something modern and stylish like this Young House Love lantern from Shades of Light.

I am going to narrow down my wall paint color this week so I can hopefully start painting this weekend. I can hear the winds of change blowing already.


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5 Responses to The Office Dreaming & Scheming

  1. Bargain Hunt says:

    Hi Chandler! I work for Essex Bargain Hunt as the marketing coordinator and was wondering if I could feature your arm chair on our Fan Find of the Week on our blog? If so, which location did you find it at and how much did you pay and if you know the retail price too that would be fabulous!

  2. Bargain Hunt says:

    P.S. Found the exact chair in Mt. Juliet for $220 yesterday. You got a deal!

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