A Gift to Warm a Home

Do you remember that scene in “It’s a Wonderful Life” when George and Mary Bailey welcome the Martini family to their first home with a wonderful basket of housewarming goodies? Mary Bailey looks so picturesque with her little 1940s outfit and perfectly curled hair. I want to be like her, and I love seeing the joy on the Martini family’s faces as they start their lives in a home of their very own.
housewarming gift idea
Inspired by the gifts that Mary & George Bailey gave to the Martinis, I decided to pull together a little housewarming basket as part of a wedding gift to some our sweet friends who just moved into their first home together. You can see a little bit more of their life & home over at their blog: Home Sweet Love.

This simple and traditional housewarming basket was fun and simple to assemble.
traditional housewarming gift

After I picked up a basket at a local thrift store and dressed it up with some jute and scrap fabric, I filled it with a few symbolic things.

Bread – that this house may never know hunger. I made homemade chocolate chip zucchini bread. Probably not the lifelong fix all for household hunger, but delicious all the same. 
traditional housewarming gift
Wine – that joy and prosperity may reign forever.
traditional housewarming gift
Candles – to light the dark times.
traditional housewarming gift
Salt – that life may always have flavor. I went with the basic Morton’s salt. Doesn’t get more traditional (or practical) than that!
traditional housewarming gift
Finally, I designed a little card to accompany the gift that explained each part of the traditional housewarming gift.
traditional housewarming gift

Happy nesting Josh & Hollie!

 photo null_zps445a1881.jpg


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3 Responses to A Gift to Warm a Home

  1. sarah grace says:

    what a cute idea!!

  2. That’s so cute! I want to do this for someone one day!

  3. jackie says:

    Chandler, what a joy to stumble upon your blog! I’m a huge It’s A Wonderful Life fan, but still can’t remember the exact wording of Mary’s housewarming gifts for the Martinis. As I searched the web, I found this blog post – your basket looks just like what I was planning to make for a dear friend who is moving into my rental home. AND, my dear friend (and previous manager) who is getting married in December will get a similar wedding gift. It’s perfect, and I love your creativity!

    I’ve been in the corporate world for 29 years, and after 17.5 years with my last company, I decided to resign and regroup. Call it a mid-life crisis (that’s been brewing for about 10 years!), or simply a thirst to do more “noble” work in the world, My expertise is in organization development (strategy, leadership, learning, team, etc.), and I know I’ll continue to use my skills in new environments. I’m drawn to social entrepreneurs and non-profits who seek to make a difference in the lives of those in need. I’m a leadership/life coach as well, so I’m looking forward to helping others achieve their own personal growth goals.

    But mixed in with all of that, I’m looking forward to reconnecting with friends, family, and myself! Like you, I have a creative streak (and maybe a little Martha Stewart envy), and I can’t wait to tackle the many projects I have tumbling around in my head. Your blog is the perfect inspiration for me!

    Lastly, I just want to congratulate you and Jeremy on your marriage and grand adventure! I look forward to seeing the world through your open and enthusiastic eyes – I know I’ll be inspired to improve my marriage, my home, and myself! So nice to “meet” you!

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