Pinspiration of the Day

Life has been so busy lately. We have had out of town weddings and/or company almost every weekend which has been a blast, but it has made checking off my house to-do list a little bit more difficult.

I am currently making plans for the start of our office room makeover as well as working on accessorizing the walls in our living room, and I thought I would post a bit of my “pinspiration” (inspiration from Pinterest) and what is to come.

Be on the lookout for a desk makeover. My latest $10 garage sale desk find will be transformed, and I am inspired by all things blue. Isn’t this Peacock color just divine?
I recently ordered my first wall stencil from Royal Design Studio, so I will soon be stenciling a wall in the office as well as some statement art for the living room. Stencils can make such a big impact.
 photo stencilwall3_zps9c19c932.jpg
 photo stencilwall4_zps4c7f55c2.jpg
 photo stencilwall5_zps3095f149.jpg
I am also in the process of putting together a gallery wall for behind the TV. There are so many creative gallery walls out there in the pin-o-sphere. I can’t wait to get all the pieces put together.
 photo gallerywall2_zpsd4f0756e.jpg
 photo gallerywall1_zps7118bf8a.jpg
I am also dreaming of putting some faux roman shades up around the breakfast nook windows. Wouldn’t that just be perfect?
 photo romanshade1_zps043c5cf9.jpg
What has been “pinspiring” you lately? And how many projects are on your to-do list? I stopped counting when the list got too long 🙂

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