Closing Day House Tour

We moved into the house today thanks to the help of great friends, and the place is already changing. These photos are examples of what it looks like untouched by us!

Eventually, I will put a house tour on the “Our Home” section of the blog, but I will wait until we have a few progress pictures to show you. For now, here is a little photo house tour (for my friends and family who have been asking) with pictures from move in day and the house listing.

To better understand this tour, be sure to check out the floorplan I created.

Front View
 photo 1-Frontofhouse1_zps78a61466.jpg
Living Room (angle from the front door and angle standing in the kitchen)
 photo livingroom_zpseb76f193.jpg
 photo 4-Kitchen4_zps002558e0.jpg
Master Bedroom
 photo master_zps0add3a24.jpg
Upstairs Bathroom
 photo 7-upstairsbath7_zps9773b811.jpg
Second Bedroom
 photo spare_zpsa3d8dfce.jpg
Office Room
 photo office_zps84ecec77.jpg
Basement main space
 photo 11-Basement_zpsdb68cb55.jpg
Basement bedroom
 photo 12-Basementbedroom_zps4c35060f.jpg
Basement bathroom
 photo 13-Basementbath_zps6cf98d33.jpg
Back of house/Backyard.
 photo 14-backofhouse_zps82bc0557.jpg
 photo 15-Backyard_zps56a474f5.jpg

 photo Signature_zps48867f61.jpg

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